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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Molesworth, and suffering in the cause of truth

My favourite book of all time is "Molesworth", written by one genius (Geoffrey Willans) and illustrated by another (Ronald Searle).  In one of the priceless episodes our hero Molesworth has a daydream in which he finds himself together with other "lusty skolars" in an Elizabethan college run by a psychopath called Doctor Kurdling.

Our hero argues with the evil doctor about the existence of America, and gets six of the best with the cane -- after which Kurdling says: "...that will teach you not to alter the ignorance of a lifetime!"

Here endeth the parable for today........


TonyH said...

....and then there's always Sue Townsend's "The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole", one of whose books was serialised last week on Radio 4 at bedtime.

My wife has just told me that the last book is sub- titled "The Prostate Years"!

AG said...

Are teachers still allowed to instill learning by walloping pupils on the back of the head with a copy of the OED?;After a run up that would make Joel Garner envious?