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Monday, 4 April 2016

Rainbow ice

This is rather freaky -- saw it on a web site with no explanation of the phenomenon, or location.  I suspect it is somewhere in Antarctica.  Quite wonderful!!


Sophie Berger said...

Dear Brian,

I am the author of the original post on the cryosphere blog of the European Geoscience Union (
If you take a closer look at the publication date and at the caption (especially the last paragraph), I think many of your questions could be answered :-).

Best wishes


PS: Could you tell me on which website you found this image? I am curious.

Emma Smith said...

Dear Brian.

The image comes from the EGU Crysophere Blog post ( and I am afraid it was posted on April 1st 2016 as an April fools joke, it is an image from Antarctica, edited to include the rainbow colours. It is not real and has no scientific basis. Apologies for confusing you, although we are pleased our little joke was seen by many people.

Emma Smith (Co-Editor, EGU Cryopshere Blog).

BRIAN JOHN said...

Well done -- you fooled me! I failed to spot the date!!