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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Talk on "The Bluestone Wars"

Well, that was fun!  My talk at Moylgrove last night was very well attended -- not many locals (they have heard me before!) but quite a few people from far afield -- presumably including some archaeologists and some who have been involved in digging at Rhosyfelin.  One or two people were taking copious notes..........

I thought it would be fun to give my talk the title "The Bluestone Wars" -- homing in on the amiable conflict between the two archaeological tribes (one led by Chief MPP and the other by Chiefs GW and TD) and the geomorphology tribe of which I count myself a proud member.    The evening was chaired by Robert Anthony, who has been involved in the Rhosyfelin digs as a volunteer, and who knows all sides of the argument.  There were some good questions from the floor, and it was nice to see a lot of involvement from the audience.  I managed to get all the way through my talk without using the word "quarry" once, which was only right and proper. 

Of course I got a few questions about Rhosyfelin, and I hope the questioners left the hall rather better informed than they had been when they entered.  It was pretty clear that some people have just accepted everything which MPP said at his talk in September 2013 without applying any critical appraisals of their own -- it's rather sad to see how gullible some people are!  But I suppose it's understandable -- people have other things in life that take up rather more of their time, and unless one has visited the site it's difficult to form views of one's own.

1 comment:

TonyH said...

Let's hope some of those attending the Moylgrove/ Trewyddel talk, perhaps those from far afield and/or "taking copious notes", were either themselves Earth Scientists/ Geographers/ Geomorphologists, or 'know a man/woman who is', and so will disseminate their copious notes to the latter folk.

It is good if truth, and not myth, is more widely relied upon.