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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Daily Mail in on the act.....

Thanks to Rob for drawing this earth-shattering news to my attention.  Now the Daily Mail is in on the act, with the headline:

Is Stonehenge just a gigantic xylophone? Researchers tap landmark's bluestones and record them 'singing'

Royal College of Art researchers say that Preseli hills bluestones sound like no others tested from across the country
Sonic qualities may explain why prehistoric Britain's took them 200 miles to Salisbury to build Stonehenge 4,000 years ago


Well, who cares?  I'm glad the Mail managed to extract some humour out of the story, and it makes a change from all that doom and gloom......

1 comment:

TonyH said...

As this idea appears in the highly objective Daily Mail, I suggest we, on this Blogsite, band together, commission our own superior - class coach, and test this hypothesis on the remaining trilithons (at the dead of night and having first distracted the guards).