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Thursday, 20 February 2014

More from Ynyslas

More nice pics from the submerged forest site at Ynyslas -- near Borth on the Cardigan Bay coast.  I'm not sure of the dates here, but I think the lower photo shows the "normal" exposures of the tree stumps etc -- with just their tips above the sand.  The top photo shows the forest remnants after the sand has been stripped away during the recent storms.


Dave Maynard said...

You are nearly ahead of the loop, Brian! Trackway sounds interesting.

BRIAN JOHN said...

Thanks Dave. Quite a nice report -- hadn't seen it before.

Dave Maynard said...

Just a question, did the peat grow around existing trees, or were the two contemporary? Poplar and alder sounds as if it could exist it waterlogged conditions, but oak perhaps not.

I assume there will be variations at different sites. time to go back to John Evans' book.