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Monday, 17 September 2012

Bouncy Henge

Thanks to Phil for this photo of the latest craze -- Bouncy Henge which is on tour all over the UK, complete with bands and concerts and so forth.  There is also a very elaborate web site with videos, sound tracks etc.  All very jolly..... but if you want wacky reconstructions, give me Achill Henge any day, which exists for non-mercenary reasons and makes of sort of statement about social and political control, freedom of expression etc.

Anyway, nice picture, Phil.  Did you bounce?

And of course, being serious (well, sort of) for a moment, we have the intriguing possibility that the sarsens and the bluestones were bounced along on air bags or inflated sheep's stomachs etc by the ingenious builders of that splendid edifice.


Anonymous said...

I had a good old bounce when it came to Marlborough!

Timothy Daw said...

Phil.M. said...

Hello Brian,

They wouldn't let me bounce; they said my zimmer frame, crutches and stiletto heels posed a danger to the public and the bubble.

No sense of adventure these security guards.

Phil M.