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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Terrorist Assault on Ancient Monument

Having followed with interest all that stuff about soldiers and bardic chairs, I found this on the Facebook site with the link provided by Bucky.  Hope she's happy to see the picture reproduced here.

A hoody with a bow and arrow, intent upon the destruction of Stonehenge.  Isn't it ruinous enough already?  Does EH know about this?  Given the security measures from which we have all suffered in the past, I assume that this poor fellow must now be in the safe keeping of the security forces.  Guantanamo, maybe?

Maybe he missed his target, and I hope somebody will be able to assure us that he's OK after all, having been let off with a caution.....


Anonymous said...

The picture does open up an interesting archaeological paradox though - if you have a defensive ditch, does a bow and arrow make it redundant?

In medieval times ditches were moats and associated banks had palisades - so what happened to Avebury and Stonehenge then?


Bucky Edgett said...

I'm laughing at the terrorist trope and can only type with great difficulty. You don't have to post this comment, but as fan of your blog, I post to set the record straight. Because I know you're in favor of straight records.

I, Bucky, am a he, not a she. Although my pony tail might confuse some, the beard would be a giveaway.

Thank you for a wonderful blog!

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