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Monday, 27 February 2012

Lots of Earth Science -- why?

 The Gibbard - Ckark reconstruction of the limits of three different glaciations in Southern Britain.  These limits are crude and in some instances nonsensical in that they fail to take account of evidence on the ground or of glaciological principles.  Somehow or other, they have to be improved upon......

My faithful readers will have noticed that there has been a lot of earth science material posted on this blog in recent days -- and you might wonder what it is all doing on a site called "Stonehenge Thoughts."  Well, it's all part of my ongoing attempt to understand how glacier ice behaves in the SW quadrant of the British Isles -- and the nature of the "controls" that influence the course of events during the glacial episodes that we know about.  When, and how, did glacier ice extend into Somerset and possibly Wiltshire, during the Anglian or any other glacial episode?  We won't understand this until we know what the interactions are between Welsh ice and Irish Sea Ice -- and because the Anglian glaciation occurred around 450,000 years ago we don't have a lot of evidence to go on.  But if we can get a reasonable idea of what happened during the Devensian, we can use that as a good analogy or guide to understanding.

What I'm trying to do here is test the glacial hypothesis to destruction.  This is, sadly, not something that the archaeologists have done with the human transport hypothesis.......

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