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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Anglian Glaciation Map

Here is my attempt to portray the Anglian Glaciation ice limit in Southern Britain, with the local ice caps incorporated.  If you had looked down from a satellite at the time, you would probably not have been able to pick out the edge of the Irish Sea ice on or near the Bristol Channel coasts of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.  A snow-covered landscape would have extended almost as far south as the South Coast.  The dotted areas on the map represent thin cold-based ice on the uplands of the Cotswolds (C), Mendips (M), Exmoor (E), Blackdown Hills (B), Dartmoor (D) and Bodmin Moor (B).  Between these ice-covered areas there may have been some areas free of ice and firn -- but these areas, like the area beyond the ice edge, will have been affected by long seasonal snow-cover and intense periglacial activity.

This is a modification of a map which I posted some months back.

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