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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

More on small glaciers

As part of my ongoing attempt to spread knowledge about glaciers, and how they behave, here are two fantastic images from Google Earth.  The one below shows an amazing and near-perfect cwm or cirque (or corrie, if you insist on English) on the north-facing edge of a basalt plateau neat Isafjordur, NW Iceland.  Click on it and you can even see the little moraine that shows the glacier terminus position -- probably during the Younger Dryas cold episode around 10,500 years ago.

The other photo is from North Norway, and it shows a small cirque glacier (aligned broadly NE) typical of many in the uplands -- if you click on it you can see the blue ice near the snout, and even the morainic debris within the glacier.  The small glacier that occupied the cwm near Foelcwncerwyn probably looked something like this.

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