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Saturday, 1 May 2010

A new moraine

This is the "new" moraine -- I thought I knew the mountain well, so it was a great surprise to stumble upon it as I led a group of about 20 walkers on a guided walk. It's not far from Pont Ceunant, on the Bedd Morris road near Newport. Quite a prominent ridge, surrounded by boggy moorland.

Today I found a new moraine -- not at Stonehenge of Glastonbury, but on the northern flank of Carningli. Just thought you'd like to know........

I must go back and examine it in more detail -- but it has a mottley collection of stones and boulders of all sizes -- many of them quite well rounded and looking very different from the rocks of the periglacial blockfields that cover most of the mountain. Some of the rocks represented are VERY exotic -- I don't recognize them as having come from Pembrokeshire at all -- maybe they are from N Wales or Ireland?

If this is a genuine moraine, it will tell us more about the last glacial episode -- maybe not the one that transported the "bluestones" from West Wales to the environs of Stonehenge.

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