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Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Bluestones and Elvis Presley

Thinking of cultural things, there was an equally splendid film made a few years ago, based upon the thesis that Elvis Presley was really a Welshman, and that his family came from the Presely Hills. The name of the family when it emigrated to America was Presely, but was later changed to Presley......

In the film (shown on S4C) a group of ancient rockers went up onto the mountains and pranced about amongst the bluestones, performing a few of the Elvis classics on their guitars and singing away at the tops of their voices. It was totally bizarre and brilliant!

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Tony Hinchliffe said...

I seem to recall Elvis' immediate (ie not ancient) ancestors emanated from Scotland. Is there not a place-name corroborating this? Anyway, somewhere I heard that his great-great grand-pappy came from somewhere well north of Aberdeen. Pity Elvis has left the building, or we could ask him!
Elvis is not alone in this respect: James Taylor's ancestors were from Angus and Montrose, 17th Century and earlier: and SAILED to North Carolina in the 18th Century.
Not a bluestone in site, however.