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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

... and if you are cursed, I can make you better!

A few years ago, I played the part (not very well, it has to be said) of the wizard Joseph Harries in a local amateur production. How I enjoyed the power that gave me! So, folks, I can make you well. Those who go through life afflicted by this miserable bluestone curse should really undertake a long course of therapy, but for a start I can promise you that if you sing "I believe in glaciers" five times, at the top of your voice, next time you put an ice cube into your whisky glass, you will feel much better. They tell me that whisky has miraculous restorative powers. Preferably Welsh whisky. That will not actually heal you entirely, but it will be the beginning of a long (and maybe painful) route back towards sanity. If your affliction is so severe that you believe in healing stones, sacred springs, and spotted dolerite fairies, the healing process will take longer -- but you must persist with the treatment, for the good of your family. You know it makes sense.

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