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Friday, 14 May 2021

3,000 reads of Waun Mawn article

I got a message from Researchgate to tell me that my Waun Mawn article entitled "Waun Mawn and the search for Proto-Stonehenge" has now had more than 3,000 reads.  This is an extraordinary figure for an article which was initially published on Researchgate (rather than in the pages of a specialist journal) just six months ago. 

A lot of the readers must be archaeologists -- and I will be quite pleased if just some of them, after reading it, come to the same view as me, namely that the MPP insistence on a "giant circle" at Waun Mawn, dismantled and shipped off to Stonehenge, is a wild theory unsupported by the evidence.  In short, it is nothing more than a gigantic hoax.

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