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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Perched block near Lake Superior

This is rather splendid a perched erratic block left at the end of the Wisconsin glaciation not far from the shore of Lake Superior.  it was published on Pinterest -- not sure who the photographer was.....


cysgodycastell said...

That looks fabulous. I am presuming it is natural. By contast to the surrounding trees it looks huge too.

I know of two large-ish size rocks perched atop of other rocks in Pembrokeshire, one is on the rocky spur called Corner Llain-Shelby on Dinas mountain and the other (a little bit more well known) is a part of the outcrops at Canerdd Meibion Owen at Tycanol.

Those are the two that i can remember seeing quite recently.

BRIAN JOHN said...

There are others too -- just put "perched blocks" into the search box, and you'll be able to see some others from Pembs and further afield. You get perched blocks in unglaciated terrain too -- particularly in granite country.