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Monday, 18 December 2017

BRITICE is not much help on the Stonehenge front......

Thanks to Peter for drawing our attention to this post from Tim Daw.

Tim seems to think that the glacial transport hypothesis is dead, because nothing shows up on the BRITICE map which I referred to in a recent post. Sorry Tim, but before committing yourself to print you should have read the BRITICE stuff more carefully, since it refers specifically to the Late Devensian glaciation.  It has no relevance for the Stonehenge debate.  Wrong glaciation.  Forget it.

And as for Jim Scourse's article from 1997 -- for goodness' sake, that is 20 years out of date.  Hundreds of relevant articles have been published since that was published.  The debate has moved on, and as I have shown on this blog, it is now accepted that on glaciological grounds it is perfectly possible that ice during the larger past glaciations did indeed reach Salisbury Plain. As I have said on this blog, I am not at all happy with that old article anyway.  Read my past posts.


Myris of Alexandria said...

You talk of different glacial events. No so, in the past it was simpler.

I am reviewing the recent Biog of Boyd Dawkins by White GO OUT AND BUY IT.
Wonderful, slanderous letter to the Times, black balling, lies and fraud, three hour lunches. Hubris beyond measure and scimitar-tooth cats.

Puts the SH squabbles to shame.

Much talk of the start of glacial theory just one glaciation or more than one??

Dawkins. Quelle Tier but first prof of Geology at Manchester (department celebrates 100 years I think soon.

Myris (Geol Hons M/c)

BRIAN JOHN said...

Yes, we are a very mild-mannered and polite bunch by comparison with what goes on elsewhere........ even in the hallowed cloisters of geomorphology there is some pretty violent stuff getting into print these days, much to my surprise. BIG fuss going on just now over Lundy Island -- will report soon on that.

BRIAN JOHN said...

Not sure what your point us, Myris. Are you arguing that there was just one glaciation in the Quaternary? Ah, we'll be back to Noah's Flood soon, as an explanation for everything.....

Myris of Alexandria said...

No this book spans the time from no glaciation to just one glaciation to multiple glaciations.
Boyd Dawkins only wanted one so had to have hippos walking from the south of France to the Trent and back each year.

So what is wrong with the Flood. Good enough for Cassius.
I have no problem with multiple glaciation.
Sometime explain all the 20/30 marine isotopic stages. What is that all about.

BRIAN JOHN said...

Happy to do that, one day when I have a better internet connection. Out in Sweden for Xmas this year -- with a very flaky internet connection in the archipelago. Hardly any other human beings about. Its rather nice......

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