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Friday, 10 March 2017

Cilgwyn Cromlech

The photo above shows the site of the Cilgwyn Cromlech, according to the grid reference cited in the "Neolithic and Bronze Age Pembrokeshire" chapter in Vol 1 of the new County History.  The grid ref is SN 088362.   The site is due west of the southernmost of the rocks of Carnedd Meibion Owen.   There doesn't seem to be anything there -- so we must assume that it has been destroyed.

Thanks to Mark for drawing this to my attention.

On p 108 of the chapter, we see a pestle macehead made of 'preselite" (Group Xlll) from the late third and early second millennium BC -- apparently collected from a site c 100m east of the cromlech, in the ploughed field next door.  The reference is Burrow 2003, p 229 -- that's a catalogue of collections in the National Museum.

There is no Coflein record for this site.


Martin said...

I think this is also known as Carnedd Meibion Owen no.762 in RCAHM Pembrokeshire at 086364 also referred to as Cilgwyn. Two cromlechs are referred to and I think they're still there. If not I have photos.!

BRIAN JOHN said...

Thanks Martin. If you would like to share the pics, I will happily publish them.....