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Friday, 14 October 2016

The science of the stones

Coming up soon --  my talk entitled "Those bluestone quarries:  the making of a modern myth"  for those who are interested in facts instead of fantasies.  At the Bluestone Brewery, which happens to be just up the road from where we live.  This follows a talk by Prof MPP towards the end of September.

It's a bit late in the season for a talk outside under the canopy, so it will have to be inside, with limited seating.  Anyway, should be fun!  All proceeds go the fund set up to help a little girl who lives nearby and who is having to go to Germany for incredibly expensive cancer treatment........



T said...

What's the date and time?

Myris of Alexandria said...

Tricky things titles.

Remember the story of Divine Apollo's Delphic utterance....something about an empire being destroyed.
Dip you toe in the waters with circumspection.

BRIAN JOHN said...

Date and time? All on the poster -- 8 pm at Bluestone Brewery, Fri 28th Oct.

BRIAN JOHN said...
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BRIAN JOHN said...

Myris, yes, titles need to be carefully considered. Never fear -- I am very circumspect in all that I do. I have no intention of steering clear of geology, and will be happy to say many of the things that I have said already on this blog. Remember to there is more to the science of stones than petrology -- we geomorphologists see significance in all sorts of interesting things that apparently go unnoticed by geologists.

Myris of Alexandia said...

No like mathematics to science, leeks to cooking so is petrography to the science of stones. Petrology! schmorology.
They are all the solid bass around which phantasmagoria drift.

BRIAN JOHN said...

I have no doubt that petrography is absolutely wonderful. There is much else in life that's absolutely wonderful too, including blackberry crumble.

MoA said...

with leeks?

My blackberries have all withered and today I (really my gardener, grand eh!)are taking down the tom vines, you cannot still be picking them, blackberries? Do you add a little fresh grated ginger.

As it is coming up to Christmass (sic) I wish to plug books (not my atlas that is timeless and wonderful throughout the seasons)but Marshall's Avebury Book buy dozens and give them to you most beloved but -finally,the point- also Mike Pitts and former partner's two Avebury (albeit veggie)cook books. Amazon and ebay have second hand copies. "Cooking with Stones" or close.
Good books, good writing, good food.

AG said...

One should not denigrate the humble leek! Ours will feed us through
till April/May("Below Zero") and compliment our other stored home grown veggies grown from heritage seeds banned by those EU wan**rs and supplied by the lovely people at Pembrokeshire based growers "".

BRIAN JOHN said...

Ben and Kate and the rest of the gang at Realseeds are just up the road from where we live. Our local gardening club had a great evening there not long ago, seeing how the seeds are grown, harvested and stored prior to packaging and marketing. Completely organic, and pretty low tech! Long may they thrive!

BRIAN JOHN said...

Actually heritage seeds are not banned by the EU -- it's just that they want everything to be on the EU seed catalogue, so that all of the germplasm can be "owned" and patented by Cargill or some other vast conglomerate. Trouble is (for them) that it is completely unworkable -- all over Europe there are organizations and groups who exchange seeds, give them away, and keep thousands of old varieties going, beneath the radar. Long live anarchy!

MoA said...

I know that in some parts of muppetshire English is a second language but having to explain what one writes is tedious. Leeks like mathematics have garnered regal epithets (I do hope that the muppetshire dictionary carries that word) so they were being given their due namely great praise. Yawn yawn.

Growing toms from seed has rarely been successful for me, just the old standby of fava beans, letting mine set at the moment.

The pet rock boys and radioactive girlies from the BGS have just published the U-Pb dates for debitage from Stonehenge.

U–Pb zircon age constraints for the Ordovician Fishguard Volcanic Group and further
evidence for the provenance of the Stonehenge bluestones
Richard Bevins, Nicola Atkinson, Rob Ixer Jane Evans

Nice paper most beyond the muppetshire dictionary I fear (and some of the authors I suspect) but more grist to the Cryf mill.