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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Cromlech Challenge

On a number of occasions in the past I have referred to Steve Burrow's book called "The Tomb Builders".  Here is one post, from 2011:

Essentially, Steve's research leads him to believe that all of the cromlechs in Wales were built from stones simply collected from the vicinity - from handy broken rock outcrops, from bedrock stone litter in the landscape, or from glacial erratics.  I know the Pembrokeshire megalithic monuments pretty well, and from my limited experience, I think Steve has got it right.  I would extend the "local stone use" thesis to Bronze Age standing stones as well.

So here is a challenge.  Does anybody have any evidence that can be used to undermine this assertion?   If so, let's hear about it..........

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TonyH said...

Incidentally, MPP has quoted Steve Burrow as a reference in his UCL Discovery pdf which was highlighted in the recent Post about Gordon Childe and the Unification theory:-

BURROW,S 2010 The formative henge: speculations drawn from the circular traditions of Wales and adjacent counties. IN J LEARY, T DARVILL and D FIELD (eds.) Round Mounds & Monumentality IN THE British Neolithic & Beyond. Oxford: Oxbow, pp 182 -196

Clearly, MPP considers Steve Burrow's contributions.......on occasions!!