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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Nevern Castle gets a fabulous interactive web site

Take a look at this, folks:

I think it's rather impressive -- a brand new web site for Nevern Castle, with interactive components.  Congrats to all involved........  this is the way to interest people of all generations in archaeology, since it's pitched at a relatively simple level and is yet very informative.  I like the "Discworld" spinning images that you can manipulate for yourself.  The technology involved in making this site -- audio, video and computer graphics -- is impressive, and yet the site has a nice folksy feel to it.

Nevern Castle is never going to be overrun with tourists, because there is actually not very much there for people to see -- and we'll have to take it on trust that the 11th and 12th century reconstructions of the fortifications etc are accurate.  But this web site will surely enhance the enjoyment of those who do visit what's left up there on this wooded valley spur, especially if they view it on their smartphones and manage to get some sort of signal from somewhere beyond the trees.....

There are still a few glitsches on the site, so I assume it's still under development.

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