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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Gateposts in the Whitland area

Whitland SN 167199.  Right in the middle of the town between the surgery and the Co-op.  This is a conglomerate, difficult to tell because it has been painted, but rounded pebble inclusions can be seen in the rear

Crosshands SN194234.   Gate post in slab material dressed to present a sloping design

Llanglydwen SN192268.  Slate gate posts, dressed to present a sloping design

From Dave Maynard, with thanks: 
Some gateposts I’ve noticed in the area north of Whitland.  Just a small sample, plenty of other big stones off the Preselis, these are just a few I’ve noticed.   I think I'll do a bicycle mounted survey when the weather is better, but before the vegetation grows too much.

The issue of mauls at the supposed quarries appears to have been avoided.  To get any stone out of the parent rock will result in lots of flakes and spalls.  The only other option is if they had previously been detached.


Dave Maynard said...

Where would the nearest source of conglomerate be to Whitland town centre?


BRIAN JOHN said...

Dave -- there are a lot of conglomerates around -- in Pembs, in the Cambrian and ORS rock sequences. Some of these outcrops are in up-glacier locations, so I would not be surprised by conglomerate erratics around Whitland. But sure, it would be interesting to know what that boulder is made of.......

Evergreen said...

Hi Brian,

off topic for this post but didn't know where else to put it.. Not sure if this has been posted here but MPPs Beatrice de cardi lecture is up on YouTube