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Friday, 11 July 2014

Chevron fold -- Kong Oscars Fjord

This is for Rob and any other geologist who visits this site.  I found this amazing photo of a chevron fold in the colourful sedimentary strata exposed on the shore of Kong Oscars Fjord, East Greenland.

A text-book example indeed....... click to enlarge.


Myris of Alexandria said...

That is beautiful,is there a scale?
Anyone read the meteorwrong sic supposedly found in a shaman' s hut Poland.
The meteorite is a marcasite nodule probably from the chalk.
A common u/g error but RED faces at the Polish institute.
The closest the artefact has been to outer space was when it was excavated.

BRIAN JOHN said...

No idea of the scale --but I would guess at least 300m from the shore to the top of the photo.