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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Comment from a little fringe blog.....

Have a look at this:
Quote: "When I was a student in London, learning some basic geology for my archaeology degree, we talked about Stonehenge. A geologist had just proposed that the bluestones, the small stones from Wales, had not been carried there by people, but by glaciers. It was an old idea, and one that still stirs a little fringe debate, but unusually this time the case was presented in the pages of Nature (“Glaciation and the stones of Stonehenge”, by GA Kellaway, Nature 233, 30-35, 3 September 1971)"
How condescending can you get?  Never mind -- let that pass, since we all have different priorities.   Of much greater interest than Mike's little fringe blog is his photo of a sculpture called "Rock on top of another Rock,"  by Peter Fischli and David Weiss, in Kensington Gardens in London, near the Serpentine gallery.  Apparently the rocks are made of what looks like dolerite, and they come from Wales.  Did the sculptors go to Wales to collect them?  And if so, where did they go, and why?

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TonyH said...

Perhaps MP (as distinct from MPP) also needs to "learn some basic" geomorphology/ glaciology for his journalistic pontificating role with the CBA magazine 'British Archaeology' and his own 'little Blog'.

A shame. In the past, when Pitts hasn't been simply using his photographic skills to illustrate his Blog, he has made much more considered and reflective comments on the Glacial DEBATE (for debate, Mr Pitts, is what it most definitely IS.... as Time will ultimately tell. What will be your legacy?!