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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Another iceberg masterpiece

I found this the other day, posted by a nut case who was kayaking in one of the East Greenland fjords, and who actually paddled through the arch in spite of the fact that it could have collapsed at any moment.  Some people are utterly mad.  Mind you, I kayaked up a section of Nordvest Fjord back in 1962, negotiating a way through vast expanses of sharp-edged brash ice fragments -- in a wood-framed canvas canoe.  Come to think of it, that was pretty mad too.......

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TonyH said...

Brian, your photo brings to mind the rock arches along the coast of your beloved NW Pembrokeshire, such as through the little island of Ynys-fach near Porthgain; and, moving not too far from Carreg Sampson burial chamber, to the ne of Castell Coch. How has your kayaking gone on your current Swedish vacation?