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Monday, 27 May 2013

Ice Age Giants

 The woolly mammoth illustration -- like the others in this gallery, it is in the style of a mid-Victorian naturalists collection of wacky beasts, complete with faded parchment.

Watched the second programme in the Ice Age Giants series last night on BBC2, and I must admit that I quite enjoyed it.  The programme has rather too many minutes of Alice plodding, scrambling, and simply being very girly, and it took me a while to get away from my fascination with her extraordinary vowels, but it was actually quite informative and pretty well researched.

The first prog is on iPlayer for another 13 days -- I missed that one, but will have a look at it tonight maybe.

The final one in the 3-part series is next Sunday


TonyH said...

I too have a fascination with Alice's extraordinary vowels. Perhaps she acquired these during her early education which was, according to Wikipedia, at The Red Maids' School, in Westbury-on-Trym, half a mile or so past the Clifton Downs, North Bristol. It would be equally fascinating to hear Alice telling us she is not only an anatomist, but an osteoarchaeologist,..... anthropologist, and paleopathologist... as well as being a television presenter and a Professor. Blimey! Mind you, my humble grammar schools were founded in 1392 & 1598.

Anonymous said...

Alice? Alice Roberts who made that programme titled Wild Swimming a year or two back? All rather Scandinavian and beautifully filmed, in the best possible taste, naturally. Thank you, Alice.

BRIAN JOHN said...

All I can say is that, having also watched that nice skinny dipping film, I too was very disappointed that it was all in the best possible taste.

Anonymous said...

We should all be grateful! Until the skinny dipping/ "WILD" Swimming programme. I hadn't quite realised how incredibly brave and heroic I'd been in my youth.

We used to call it swimming in the pond/river/at the seaside!

Surely I must be in line for a medal or something?

Bring on more fatuous rubbish!

TonyH said...

My point in reeling off all Alice's impressive academic qualifications was that I'd love to hear her attempting to enunciate all those LONG words in that remarkable semi-posh Gloucestershire-or-is-it-Bris'ol accent. Perhaps she'd put it on U-Tube?

j8j88 said...

I can't help but repeat strange words she says, such as "found", "down", "around"... arrrrgh. It's become almost a compulsion.

One could play a fun drinking game with her bizarre vowel sounds.

Top TV show, though. I love seeing extinct species brought back to life. Looking forward to the next episode.

BRIAN JOHN said...

Time to back off on poor Alice. Sorry I started this hare running! I don't think she is contrived in any way -- that's just how things come out. And I don't suppose any of us talks proper.......