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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sea ice in Sweden

We just received this splendid photo from Inger's niece in Sweden.  It shows the sea ice as it is today -- thick enough to carry quite large vehicles.  The shore is on the outer side of one of the islands of the Stockholm Archipelago.  The ice is a bit disturbed and lumpy here, because of the slight rises and falls of the water in response to pressure changes -- there is no tide to speak of.  On the far horizon are the outer islands of the archipelago.  The ice is thinner out there because of greater exposure, wave action and stronger currents.  In fact you can see one stretch of open water in the top left of the photo.

Ice forms very easily here when temperatures are consistently sub-zero, because the salinity of the sea is very low.

It's amazing to think that in two months' time it will be high summer here, and we will be kayaking and swimming in the sea in precisely this area.......

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Constantinos Ragazas said...


A cold and inspiring photo! Such 'pathways on ice' would be an invition to travel for both men and stones!