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Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy Christmas everybody!

None of the things that happen on this blog actually matter very much -- but there are things in life that DO matter to everybody.  So in that spirit, may we wish you all a joyful Christmas and peaceful New Year -- with whatever prosperity may be appropriate in these austere times......


Myris of Alexandria said...

Better to wish us Sol Invictus

Today is the day the Stonehenge was built for whence ever and whenever the stones came.

Geocur said...

And the same to you and family Brian .

Constantinos Ragazas said...

… and a Merry Christmas to you and all those dear to you, Brian!

You write, “None of the things that happen on this blog actually matter very much”.

TRUTH happens in your blog, Brian! And an honest discussion seeking TRUTH! And that matters!

Best wishes,


chris johnson said...

I very much enjoyed my first year contributing to the blog (actually more learning than giving) and I enjoyed the company of all the regular contributors.

So a special thanks to Brian, and Best Christmas Wishes to everybody.

(I won't say happy new year yet because it is still 21st December and maybe the Mayan prophecy comes true and we get our fireworks early)

TonyH said...

Let us all reflect that, at this Season, we each wish for our nearest and dearest every health and happiness, and extend those thoughts throughout this fragile Earth.

Phil Morgan said...

Done some un-productive Christmas shopping today and managed to get three French hens, but the ten Lords a Leaping proved elusive, and you're buggered for finding a partridge in a pear tree.

Never mind, the world didn't come to an end, and perhaps if we pray for the angels then they may just pray for us.

Kostas, I hope the photo's of CRF help with your theory, for I appreciate it's difficult if you haven't visited the site.

So a relaxing Christmas and a great New Year to all.

Morgan the Moon

Jon Morris said...

Today is the day the Stonehenge was built for

Could be true. However, there is no evidence that it is true: The monument only approximately aligns with the Solstice at the time it was built: The claims for exactitude are based on a belief in an unlikely assumption set.

Whatever your beliefs, Happy Christmas everyone.

Constantinos Ragazas said...


Thanks for your photos! And yes, they are very helpful with some details. Thus far I haven't seen anything in them that would argue against my theory.

MPP's “human quarry” could not have existed because Crag Rhosyfelin was in water. The aerial photo of Rhosyfelin Brian posted makes this far more apparent than any close-up photo.

Merry Christmas to you and yours


C. Cringle said...

Hello Kostas,
Perhaps, with the passage of time, we have lost the ability to breathe through gills. :-)

Merry Christmas and a big Ho, Ho, Ho.

Constantinos Ragazas said...


Truth cannot take a vacation. Hopefully, with the passage of time, we will lose our need to hope in fantasies. Truth shall set us free.

Best wishes and sincerely yours,