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Friday, 16 November 2012

Stone 53

Lloyd says:
I thank Timothy Daw for his comments and I acknowledge and understand what he says however, I find it is difficult to relate these comments to the external SW side of Stone 053. Rather than having a random shape produced by stone dressing, it looks as though it is  more 'purposeful' in its design, and it is to this that I am seeking an explanation.

Actually Lloyd, you can contribute directly to the blog discussion if you want. 


Jon Morris said...

Do you have a similar photo of the T shape on 54 Brian? (the one that Terry mentioned)

When I looked at these, I thought 54 was particularly pronounced (but I don't have a good photo of it): The two T shapes described appear to be on opposing faces of the 53/54 trilithion (the pair which is directly South of the centre of the monument)

Interesting that the T shapes appear to correspond dimensionally with the T shaped 'mushroom' carvings on Stone 53 and so on?



Anonymous said...

Those T shaped 'muchroom' carvings are carvings of bronze axe heads. One of these was found in the Bush Barrow.