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Monday, 4 October 2010

Garbage in, garbage out......

More breathless codswallop and purple prose from a gorgeous-looking new web site.  Fantastic images, but as for the editing, page assembly and text -- oh dear oh dear.....  Our heroic author says "..... the facts of Stonehenge cannot be disclaimed (sic)......" and then goes on to trot out a sequence of pseudo-facts and bits of sheer speculation.  It's all to do with the marketing of Camelot Castle, where apparently King Arthur was born.  All credit to them for working hard on their marketing!

 Even if the conclusions are amiss, the facts of Stonehenge cannot be disclaimed. And in a scattered, rural culture where bronze-age tools were just emerging, the thirst for true knowledge—even just a hope of it—evidently galvanized men to assemble their wits and brawn sufficiently to move stones which would daunt mechanized Man today. Not to mention cutting and shaping them. To even quiver one of the great stones is conjectured to have required the strength of 600 men. How they organized and managed the task without steel cables, pulleys, winches and tackle is a matter of sheer wonder. Even the “small” stones traveled some 100 miles over open terrain.
If it is nothing else, it is indeed a measure of Man’s devotion to knowledge and freedom: hundreds or thousands of men, enduring grueling labor for months or years on end, managing provisions, devising ingenious solutions to each new obstacle and losing their friends where genius was wanting, struggling through to the last yard to deliver a single stone to a final position, all driven by the imperishable hope that through lifetimes of the same, perhaps there is a chance for a handhold, even a glimpse, of truth and freedom.
Total freedom is now a wide-open road.
All you need do is walk.


Barrie Foster said...

My God ... The Druids are back! This is not just codswallop, it's incredibly badly written codswallop. Whoever put this together was punching well above their weight.

BRIAN JOHN said...

The Druids could have done far better. From what I understand, they are kind and gentle people who can probably write decent English as and when required. No -- the guilty party this time must be some marketing company given the brief of revamping the Cadbury Castle website and pulling in some extra dosh.

Anonymous said...

Another example of (i)lleteral jerrybuilding-
GCU In two minds