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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Silbury Hill -- aggregated data

I found my Eternal Idol post -- from 11th Jan 2009:

"Sorry folks — I’m beginning to think that I have made a mistake about the Silbury Hill foreign fragments. I’ve realised (from my very faint copy of the Harrison et al Report) that a table on p 13 which I assumed to be just about Silbury Hill (it’s on the Silbury Hill page of the Report) is actually full of aggregated data — including a lot of data on fragments from Stonehenge as well. I’m trying to get info from Geoffrey Kellaway, who commissioned the work back in 1971. If the data are aggregated, the only fragments which we can say are definitely from Silbury Hill are the 16 sandstone fragments and 42 “others” which are mostly flint. I’ll keep you posted…."

Still no reply from Geoff Kellaway....

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