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Monday, 26 October 2009

Erratics in glacial deposits at Court Hill

Ah -- discovered some info. The 24m sequence of tills at Court Hill contains erratics up to .5m -- as observed, That doesn't rule out larger erratics also, still buried in the deposits. Sources: Carboniferous Limestone, Pennant Sandstone, Carboniferous chert, Triassic Sandstone, Mercia Mudstone, Old Red Sandstone, Greensand chert and flint.

Much of this material could be fairly local, but of course these rock types are also represented in South Wales -- so could have been introduced from the South Wales valleys. No coal as far as I know!


Anonymous said...

Brian, this is very interesting, Court Hill at the Western end of the Mendips is exactly the direction you show the Irish Sea Glacier running through from the Bristol Channel, via Preseli of course. Has this glacier merged with the South Wales Ice?
Do we see any bluestone deposit at Court Hill?
Best wishes,
Ed Watson

PeteG said...

interesting, I have been told about a previously unkown double stone rows on the Mendips that I am being taken to see soon.
I'll keep you posted...